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bookaddict42's Journal

Livin' in L-Space
1 January
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  • bookaddict42@livejournal.com
NOTE: I no longer update this journal, but you can find all my reviews on goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/364820-a

This is my book blog. I also use it to help run sdc_at_ucsd, a mutual support and discussion group for students with disabilities.

I run bookaddiction and a related facebook page, Book Addicts Anonymous. Knowing me, I'll start a Church of Books next. Or perhaps I already have. Help me spread the word!

I'm a UCSD psychology student with a strong interest in disability rights, particularly in terms of reducing the stigma surrounding invisible disabilities, mental illness, and neurodiversity.

I ask that those of you who know of my other online journal(s) don't link them to my identity here.