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NOTE: I no longer update this journal, but you can find all my reviews on goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/364820-a

This is my journal devoted solely to books and all things book-related.

Unless otherwise specified, all entries here are X-posts from my personal journal and/or bookaddiction and/or my facebook page, "Book Addicts Anonymous". Come join us on Facebook!

Considering how little attention bookaddiction has been getting lately, I may just go ahead and move the entire thing to here-- with much sadness. Thoughts on this idea? (It isn't possible, is it, to X-post more easily-- i.e., post entries here and at bookaddiction at the same time?)

Please pardon the numbering system, which is a carry-over from my earlier book blogging (or "blooking," as I like to call it). The asterisks represent a standard 4-star rating scheme, which sometimes goes up to 5 stars if I run across something truly exceptional and am feeling expansive.