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1st book story!

 Saw Pat Rothfuss speak on Saturday!! As usual, he told stories that blew my mind. I swear, he could make a fortune just as a speaker. Mysterious Galaxy Books was full to overflowing with fans. Some of them wore fake beards. One had baked a cake with an icing beard (yes, I have pictures) Some had driven here from AZ.... folks, this guy is only on his second novel. No one gets this kind of crowd on their second book! The man is amazing.

I didn't stay to get a book signed, since there was a line about 250 people long for that (not kidding-- I saw the numbers). But I did finally catch a 10-second break in the line in where I could sneak up to the table long enough to say "Hi! So nice to see you again... I don't know if you remember me..." and he said he did!! He could have just been being polite, of course, but I think he's cooler than that, and I certainly wouldn't have minded a "you look familiar but I can't place you..." at which point I would have mentioned that I was dressed as Zatana last time I saw him, which I'm pretty sure he would recall. I do kinda wish I'd been able to get a copy of the book for the SF&F library here at school... but seeing him speak was the real treat. I mock the silly people who missed out.

I also had a total spaz attack on account of being in a bookstore (and a Genre Bookstore) at that after several months away from one (as you may know, Borders declared bankruptcy recently, and while they promise not to vanish completely, they have already shut down several stores... including the one I worked at. It may still actually be open, in the final throes of death clearance... but I can't bear to go see the carnage, not even with the promise of clearance-priced books. It hurts too much. That store was my baby.)

Anyway, at MGB, I discovered that way too many of my favorite authors have new books. Way too many. I was very good, and did not Buy Them All.

I also went around straightening displays. Yes, I need help.

Also, a very few people came in to actually, you know, bookshop. One was a woman who really wanted a new mystery novel that had come out. Said novel was in a bookshelf that had been squished up to another bookshelf to make room for more Pat fans. There was perhaps a foot of space between the two shelving units. And the book was on the bottom shelf, in the middle. So of course I offered to go fetch it for her. And did so. My boobs, small as they are, did give me a moment of trouble between the shelf ends, but I managed, and returned triumphant. Her smile was reward enough, but she also insisted on buying me a book in thanks!! So, after a few moments ditherspazzing over who I most desperately wanted to support (Anne Bishop? Terry Pratchett? Trudi Canavan? Kat Richardson? Seannan McGuire? Any of my other dear favorites?) I realized that I really needed to own a copy of Cartherine Jinks' "Evil Genius." And now I do. YAY!

My only beef with MGB is that they don't carry Spider Robinson. Because, apparently, he doesn't sell. To their credit, the manager I spoke with said they've tried, really they have. The good news, he tells me, is that Robinson's older works have apparently started to make enough of a comeback in the ebook market that publishers are considering bringing them out in paper again!! I guess ebooks have their uses after all :) Support your local genius, folks-- the Earth needs people like Spider.

Ok, the rest of my weekend stories will have to go in another post.